K-deejays - talk to me - K DEEJAYS Talk To Me vinyl at Juno Records.

vinilo 36:FUSETRAX-ENTITY-eatin me breakfast(featuring johnny 1 move)-piss off fosetrax vinilo 37:FUTURE BREAKZ RECORDINGZ-BAYMONT BROSS-speed way-break all the rules

“I’m fortunate to be a California kid,” Dam explains. “I grew up riding around in the mountains, always looking up. That’s how I’d catch certain things that would happen out of the ordinary. Brookside is a park by where I grew up in Pasadena, where everything would go down on a Sunday. When I was a teenager, I saw something go across the sky—an orange type of orb. But it was quiet. Everybody there mentioned it but nobody really talked about it again. I just never forgot. [‘Brookside Park’] has the vibe of the music that was going on at the time. I wanted to make something where you could imagine being there.”

K-Deejays - Talk To MeK-Deejays - Talk To Me